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Typegraphics — August, 2013

Do you want to know the typefaces that were created in the same period that Futura?

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Hermann Zapf

Typegraphics — August, 2013

Learn more about his typefaces and the type designers of his generation...

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Our aim

Typegraphics is a website with the goal of sharing knowledge about the history of typefaces, with the intention of making it accessible to as many people, and to as many corners of the world as possible.

This information receives professional input, starting an investigation, then displaying it objectively and with informative clarity. The contents are generated collaboratively, by members of the public who feel the urge to share and distribute their knowledge, presenting the information to the public openly and for free.

The purpose of developing this project is to provide a source of information for those developing typographic projects, whether they may be type designers, graphic designers, schools, teachers, students, etc.

From the website we can learn a broad range of information, from the number of typefaces created within any given country, the evolutions or revivals of a specific a typeface, to the historical typographic context that surrounds each type designer. All is explained through the medium of interactive infographics and articles.

The birth and growth of Typegraphics

This project first found life in Clara Prieto's final year at Escuela de Arte 10, Madrid (Spain), where she studied for her degree in Graphic Design.

The project began to unfold through a combination of her passion for the history of Typography, with her experience of working in the infographics department of Público newspaper.

Typegraphics has been entered into various national design competitions. It has won notable awards such as The Best Student Final Year Project at Escola Muuu in 2012, a gold medal and a Grand Laus (best gold medal) in the student category of the 2013 Laus Awards in Spain. The Laus Awards are organized by the Association of Graphic Designers and Art Directors of the FAD (ADG-FAD).

Conferences and exhibitions

- Typo_Mad 2013 conference. 2013. Spain

- Escola Muuu conference. 2012. Spain

- Typo_Mad Fest exhibition. 2012. Spain



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