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Typegraphics — August, 2013

Do you want to know the typefaces that were created in the same period that Futura?

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Typegraphics — August, 2013

Learn more about his typefaces and the type designers of his generation...

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Typegraphics, José María Ribagorda and José Ramón Penela   — September, 2013

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Please have a look at the infographic below or check these links to find out more about Jenson and Jenson typeface:

- English www.tdc.org

- Spanish www.unostiposduros.com



Year 1472

Type Designer Nicholas Jenson

Country Italy

Style Classical / Humanistic

Typographic context: The most influential calligraphers in the designs of Jenson

Art context: Italy, the cradle of the Renaissance

A quick view of using the roman typefaces in art

The influence of Jenson typeface: Revivals and other typefaces

Number of typefaces created

Sources: Type Directors Club / Linotype / P22 , Lanston Type Company / Fontshop / Myfonts / Digitale Bibliothek, Münchener Digitalisierungszentrum / RODERIC, Universitat de València /

A History of Graphic Design, Meggs

Typefaces | Learn more about the most important typefaces in the history

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Jenson lower case letter Jenson upper case letter



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